The Wieliczka salt mine is one of the most treasured monuments in Polish cultural history. Each year over one million people from over the whole world visit this site is. This unique salt mine is listed on the UNESCO Cultural and Natural World Heritage List since 1978, placing it even higher on tourists’ „to do list”. Visitors walk through a […]

The largest death camp in human history, the site of mass destruction and genocide in Europe during World War II. Currently camp Auschwitz-Birkenau is a synonym for world’s most cruel terror, genocide and atrocities. The camp has been built by the Nazis in 1940 in the suburbs of Oswiecim. The total number of deaths and executions is estimated to be […]

The Museum of Auschwitz–Birkenau in Oświecim and the Wieliczka Salt Mine are situated within close driving distance from Krakow and it is a good option to combine both within one tour – a good option for quick visitors. During one day we take you to the two most popular places that everyone should see whilst visiting Krakow. It is recommended […]

Zakopane carries the proud name of the „skiing capital of Poland”. It is a beautifully situated town at the foot of the Tatra Mountains, the highest mountain chain of our country. It is located in the South of Poland at a distance of about 100km South of Krakow. The Tatra Mountains enchant you with their rocky peaks which reach the […]

Having a 160 year old tradition, this is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and biggest tourist attractions in Poland. It is an exciting experience that provides a lot of fun for young and old. During the flow on the Dunajec River you can admire the most beautiful places in the Pieniny National Park, such as the limestone cliffs ranging […]

In the region of Lesser Poland many charming and unusual places can be found. Some of these places are located on the „Eagles’ Nest” trail which is on our trip schedule. Valley Pradnika – the heart of the Jurassic land mass located in the area of the Ojców National Park, attracts tourists with its picturesque landscape: rocky valleys, various rock […]

Places which you will see during this trip belong to the most important ones on the papal trail of Pope John Paul II. Their peculiarity and uniqueness confirm this fact. Each year thousands of tourists and pilgrims visit these places. Wadowice is a small, quiet city situated about 50 km from Krakow. It is the hometown of Karol Wojtyła, the […]

The basilica and the monastery are located in the city of Jasna Góra and locate the holy relic of the Black Madonna of Częstochowa. Częstochowa is one of the most important centers of religious worship and since hundreds of years it is the most important pilgrimage center in Poland. By many regarded as the spiritual capital of Poland. The impressive […]

The Factory of Oskar Schindler is situated in the Lipowa Street 4. The museum is one of the most popular places on the cultural map of Krakow. The history of the factory and its owner Oskar Schindler is well known due to to the movie of Steven Spielberg „Schindler’s List” – based on true facts: Schindler rescued Jewish prisoners from […]

Sandomierz is a town situated in south-eastern Poland, 160 km from Krakow, is one of the oldest and historically most significant cities in Poland. The town is localized on 7 hills and is known for its Historical Old Town, a major tourist attraction. The city came into existence in the early Middle Ages, taking advantage of an excellent location at […]