RESERVATION +48 539 004 008
e-mail: office@legendarykrakow.pl

Legendary Krakow FAQ

    • 1. Does the driver speak English?
      Yes, all drivers in Legendary Krakow do speak English
    • 2. Do I have to share a vehicle with other people? Is there door to door service?
      If you decided for group tour you will be share a vehicle with other people. In this option we do not guarantee door to door service. If you book private tour or transfer the car will be for you and your group. The driver pick up you as close as is possible to door of your accommodation.
    • 3. What currency are your rates in?
      We prefer Polish Zloty, but there is a possibility to pay in most popular currency EURO and Dolars, according with National Polish Bank value.
    • 4. I have lots of luggage (ski equipment, wheelchair etc), will there be room?
      Please inform us in advance about your additional equipment and we will take care about it.
    • 5. I have left something in the vehicle. How do I get it back?
      Please contact us, and we try to help you.
    • 6. Can you provide child seat?
      Yes, we provaide child seats, its free of charge, please inform us in advance if you need it.
    • 7. Is Legendary Krakow is licensed and fully insured?
      Yes, We have all the necessary authorizations and licenses, all cars are fully insures, including all passengers.
    • 8. If I need your service at the night time?
      We provide a 24 hour service, please inform us in advance if you need night service.
    • 9. What happens if I can not find my driver?
      Please contact us, and our experience staff will be able to help you.
  • 10. What is a weather in Poland in winter time?
    It’s depend of month of winter but you must be ready for coldest days (-15 Celciusz Degree). The weather is perfect for the ski.