The Factory of Oskar Schindler is situated in the Lipowa Street 4. The museum is one of the most popular places on the cultural map of Krakow. The history of the factory and its owner Oskar Schindler is well known due to to the movie of Steven Spielberg „Schindler’s List” – based on true facts: Schindler rescued Jewish prisoners from the Płaszów camp during the II World War.

This interesting museum exhibits items that are supplemented with rich photographic and archival documentation, coming from Polish and foreign sources. Streaming film and radio fragments, in which residents of Krakow are telling their story from the years 1939-1945, submerge you into the exhibit. It isn’t a classic museum exhibition, it is an interesting exhibition combined with artifacts, pictures and documents with multimedia and set-piece arrangements in an attempt to create a full-immersion experience.

To learn more we suggest combining this visit to the museum with a tour through the historic district of Kazimierz, the former Jewish Ghetto. The tour can be done with an audio guide in a normal or electric car.

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