Public transport in Kraków

Public transportation in Krakow works very vigorously. Modern busses and trams ensure traveler comfortable and safe drive. In vehicles are lots of seatings, standing rooms, heating, air conditioning, inner tickets machine. Besides, you can transport your bike due to the appropriate spaces. Public transportation is adapted for disabled people (mark spaces in front of the vehicle) and certainly for foreign travelers. The majority of vehicles are eqquiped in electric boards which provides information about previous, current and next stops. Additionally, you can hear the audio statement in English about the next stops and stopover point.

What’s interesting – public transport in Krakow is extended to smaller cities around Krakow. For this reason, you can visit vell-known Salt Mine in Wieliczka (UNESCO World Heritage Sites) or the oldest Benedectine abbey in Tyniec. These places are extremely popular and have thousands of visitors every year.

How about safety in public transportation?

Vehicles are accoutred in video surveillance. Moreover, officials of a city guard watch over travelers’ safety during return to home in the evening.

Don’t forget about the ticket!

Are you alone in our city or are you spend this time with a group? Do you need to pass a short distance or longer rout? It’s no problem! Why? Tickets offer is prepared to choose a suitable ticket for your needs. What’s more, buying tickets is very easy, even for foreign people – ticket machines have a few options for the most popular languages.

How about payment?

If you don’t have coins, you can pay with a credit card. If you will have any problem with buy tickets in the ticket machine, you can ask the driver about the sale, but please remember that the driver has a few left tickets. The majority of stops have modern tickets machines. Additionally, in strategic locations are placed points, where you can buy a single ticket, renew your city card or ask about some information connected with transportation, trams, etc.

Who is authorized to discount?

Discount for public transportation appertains to the child, school students, university students, disabled people and also to pensioners to 70 years old. It’s obvious, to have a valid document which confirms your identity.

I’m a foreign student. Can I have a concessionary ticket?

Certainly, you can enjoy lower prices, but you ought to have an ISIC card (International Student Identity Card).

A variety of tickets offer…

As we said, you can buy a ticket which is absolute to your needs. You can decide to buy a ticket for 20 minutes, 50 minutes (at the same time, this is a ticket only for one use), 90 minutes, 24-48-72 hours and even for 7 days. Moreover, if you are staying in our city with your family, you have an opportunity to accommodate a family ticket.

For longer staying in Krakow are prepared periodic tickets, for instance for two lines or all of them.

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