Popular trails in Poland

Trails ensure an opportunity to commune with nature, beautiful places that are charming for travelers. Trails are made in incredible areas in the country.

Due to Polish Tourists and Sightseeing Society, travelers get a lot of touristic experiences out of 63 thousand kilometers scheduled trails.

Why trails are so excellent?

You can enjoy views and don’t need to be confused on the route due to lots of signs, maps, and information about the nearest important place. It’s a perfect time to cut down on using your mobile phone.

You can meet the most popular trails in Poland below. Are you ready? 🙂

First one: Eagles’ Nests Trail – placed in the south part of Poland, in two voivodeships. It connects Krakow with Czestochowa (further I’m going to tell you why you should visit this city).
Where does the name of the trail come from? It comes from an eagle nest – that was a complex of medieval castles that helps to protect the Kingdom of Poland. If you are addicted to history, it’s a great idea to meet with different, attractive points in our country.

What you can see on this trail?

Czestochowa – lots of tourists come here to see the most important center of the pilgrim in Poland. What distinguish this city from other pilgrim cities? Shrine of Jasna Gora implies miraculous painting – Black Madonna – visited by thousands of pilgrims and tourists.

If you fancy sightseeing castles it’s no problem! You can see Ogrodzieniec Castle pass for the biggest fortress in Polish Jurassic Highland. Despite numerous descents, this castle is in great shape. What’s interesting, apart from ruins of the castle, travelers can sightsee arsenal or torture chamber! Moreover, Ogrodzieniec Castle was a cinematic setting for „Janosik” production. This place is connected with lots of legends. One of them is saying during moony nights you can see a dog with a heavy chain in his muzzle – Word is, this is soul one of the rich lords.

Pieskowa Skala Castle – another impressive castle, situated next to the smallest national park in Poland – Ojcowski National Park. Despite the little space, it’s breathtaking and unique due to calcareous rocks. The most recognizable rock is the Club of Hercules located next to the castle. Currently, there you can see exhibitions related to European art, for instance, the English painting gallery and of course, the history of Pieskowa Skala Castle.

If you are already in this area, don’t miss Ojcowski Castle. Why? This building remembers annexation times. While annexation this place was devastated. For this reason, now we can see only the ruins of Ojcowski Castle situated in the Prądnik Valley. By the way, we extremely recommend visiting Ojcowski National Park. Why? Despite small space, you can meet typical for the south part of Poland’s rocks. Besides, it’s a great occasion to visit the unusual chapel on the water or explore caves.
Did you hear about Wawel Castle? For sure, the answer is „yes”. The majority of rooms in the castle are occupied by chambers and royals quarters. What’s more, there were legations meetings and parliament proceedings. The wealth of this point doesn’t belong only to the castle – there is a Wawel Cathedral nearby, which is the place of coronation of Polish kings. Additionally, inside the cathedral and in her undergrounds are corpses of Polish kings.

Second one:
Small and Big Tatar Trail – if you are in the north-east part of Poland you ought to meet with the Tatar tradition on Podlasie. It is connected with Muslims too. The uniqueness of this route belongs mainly to a mosque from the second half of the 19th century, located in Bohoniki. It has a specific green color and also typical equipment for mosques. For instance, you can see mihrab – the scheduled place which pointing appropriate direction of prayers. Besides, in Bohoniki you can meet the biggest Muslim cemetery in Poland. Every year in Kruszyniany takes place a festival connected with preserving Tatar traditions. If you are interested in taste typical Tatar courses, this event is special for you!
Poland has also some attractions for people who love industrial touristic. The third trail called Technical Monuments Trail involves only Silesian voivodeship – it is a cradle of the industry in Poland. For instance, in Old Fabric you can find out how machines worked for textiles. What’s more, you can see the most important mines, smelters, power plants or museums of the narrow-gauge railway!

The third one is Piast Trail – scheduled in the north part of Poland. If you are interested in Polish history, this trail is special for you because it connects the most important places associated with the beginnings of the Polish state. The route looks like figure 8 with Gniezno in the middle. It brings to mind that Gniezno is an important city for the country. Right! The local cathedral was a place coronation of 5 kings of Poland. What’s more, Ostrow Lednicki passes for castle-town and the majority of researches is claiming there was a baptism of Poland in 966.
For people who love old-times places, we can present a Biskupin – which is connected with Iron Age! There you can see reconstructions of the first farmer’s settlement or camps of hunters and pickers – you can see authentic huts covered by canes

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