Cracow is not only known for its beautiful monuments but is also because it is rich in culture.
Tourists come to this city very often because of concerts and festivals that are organised
One of the most famous is Festival of Jewish Culture, that was organised 30 times already!
This is the biggest presentation of their modern culture worldwide. It lasts for 10 days, there
are conducted workshops, discussions, lectures, concerts and sightseeing of Cracow. In
total there are even 30 thousands of people from all around the world. This festival takes
place in Jewish part of the city – Kazimierz.
The next one is the Great Dragons’ Parade and undoubtedly, it is a really phenomenal show.
The Groteska Theatre is the organizer of it. Every year, there are new ideas how to replicate
dragons in the best way. It is a spectacular experience during the day, but at night at Wisla’s
bend, it is even more impressive. You have to take part in it to feel its uniqueness. Wonderful
music, laser show and the most important thing – the dragons above your shoulders.
There is also something for lovers of food and polish cuisine – festival of pierogi (which
means dumplings)! Every year it is organised on Mały Rynek (Small Market Square), where
you can try vegetarian and meat pierogi. This day, polish restaurants with dumplings
compete for St. Jack’s statuette. Even though it’s organised in summer, do not be
discouraged, you can buy some beer that is being sold at the place. Your waiting time will be
also entertaining because of concerts and other prepared fun.
Cracow Live Festival lasts for a couple of days. Every year, there are 2 music scenes,
gastronomic places and other music activities. The artists performing are the reason of
thousands of tourists coming to Cracow. This is the last but not least festival of its kind
during the year.
If you need transfer to any of these or different ones, no matter the size of your group – do
not hesitate to contact us!

        An entertaining tour around Nowa Huta. Nowa Huta translates as “New Mill” and is said to be “uncle’s Stalin” gift to the people of Poland. The district of Krakow was originally intended to be a separate city of “brave socialism workers”. The city / district was built to attract working class people by offering jobs at newly built steel mill and housing in huge blocks of flats. By building it, the Communists intended to give a slap in the face to Krak- ow the city which was always intellectual and unruly and didn’t really go well with Stalin’s preferred virtues.

     The district looks grey and sad but architectural planning is actually quite impressive – it was originally created as a perfect city, somewhat like the renaissance cities. By taking this 2-hrs trip you’ll have a chance to view the most 22 important sights of Nowa Huta (e.g. Avenue of Roses, Central Square, Mill, the Lords Ark) and you will be cruising Nowa Huta in a car of that era.


Place of your accommodation, meeting point or ours office in the Old Town in Krakow


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  • Professional and licenced service
  • Transport during the tour time
  • The program of tour description
  • English speaking driver and tour leader


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