Cracow, as one of the oldest cities in Poland has recently been seen as attractive place to go for a weekend, holidays or a city break. The city itslef is often said to be the most beautiful of all Polish cities and every year thousands of tourists from all around the world come to Cracow to explore its region. Cracow turns out to be an excellent place to learn the European history as well as for having a wonderful time while attending its fesivals and club parties. Additionally, the location of the city enables its residents or tourists to explore the area of the Tatra Mountains or, in fact, any other city in Southern Europe.
Cracow can be seen as a tremendous reservoir of historical sites. The history of the city goes back to 13th century and the most recognizable historical building, for instance: Wawel Castle preserves plenty of Medieval Ages’ treasures. Moreover, not only Medieval Ages’ historical findings can be discovered in Cracow, the city also has a history of WWII written on its walls. In Kazimierz district, the area of former Jewish Getto, the Museum of Oscar Shindler’s factory can be visited. As interesting and sad as the war history is, thankfully, nowadays there are also places in Cracow where joy and fun are spread.
While characterising Cracow, it should be mentioned that the city is commonly known for its summer festivals and an abundance of clubs or pubs around the Market Square. Among the most popular festivals held in Cracow are: a unique Festival of Jewish Culture and the astonishing Parade of the Great Dragon. However, while the parades and festivals are organized only from time to time, the show constantly is going on in the night clubs. As the website suggests there are 43 night clubs and bars only in the area of Market Square, not mentioning other Cracow’s districts. Undobtedly, at least half of them should meet the expectation of an unforgettable party time.
Finally, as the last argument that is supposed to persuade tourists to come to the city is its location. For those who enjoy staying in the city, Cracow has plenty of tourist spots to offer and those who enjoy the nature will find Cracow’s region attractive too. The capital of Małopolska region and the Tatra Mountains are approximately 120 kilometers away. The distance is usually covered in 2 hours. Who would think, that 2 hs of driving is enough to leave such a loud city and admire mesmarizing views from Tatras ? That is probably one of the greatest advantage of this city. What’s more, as much as we remember that the boarders does not limit people in 21st century as often we forget about it. Therefore, let’s keep it in our minds that the Cracow airport has flight connections with almost 90 various destinations.
To conclude, Cracow, surely, is a city, whose charms and atmosphere draw both local and foreign tourists’ attention. Considering all kinds of historical sites and numbers of unique festivals as well as a perfect location, it is definitely worth visiting.

As attractive as Cracow is, it is also good to plan some organized local tours outside the city. The offer of such Cracow local tours is quite broad and again it’s good to decide earlier on which tour one would like to go. Among the must-see places we need to enlist: Auschwitz – Birkenau Tour and Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour. They are literally the most popular ones but not entirely the most attractive ones. We shouldn’t forget about astonishing views and lanscapes in Małopolska region, which we can experience on tours such as Dunajec Rafting Tour or Zakopane Tatra Mountains tour from Crcow. Local tours from Cracow can be either only an addition to the visit in the city or itself be a main tourist destination. Either way, however the nature of the trip to Cracow, we highly recommend attending at least one of them.
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See you in Cracow, see you on a Cracow local tour 🙂

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